Come Experience Our Vision

The Waxing Studio was created as a niche business where our clients could go to remove unwanted body hair in the fastest, most efficient method possible. We also have a vision to create a very unique set of clinics (which we call studios) that have a sense of security for our clients. The studios atmosphere is specifically designed to emulate the comfort of ones own home. If the client is comfortable and relaxed in our studio, she will be comfortable and relaxed during her service with us.

This idea was then taken a step further by putting hygiene and cleanliness above all else. When performing hundreds of services a week, it is essential to have consistent disinfection and sterilization processes in place. Paying very close attention to cleanliness of our waxing rooms immediately after each service ensures any bacteria, impurities, and all defilements have been removed. The cleaning and hygiene protocols The Waxing Studio has put in place will help prevent cross-contamination and ensure the ongoing safety of all our clients.